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About Us


MetaMentorz is a Metaverse Project for enabling and facilitating education of the Metaverse, in the Metaverse, for the Metaverse. MetaMentorz metaverse is composed of fully equipped virtual classrooms, auditoriums, design labs, Virtual meeting rooms, and other virtual infrastructure that is required to deliver high quality education in an immersive environment.

It’s designed to be an open metaverse university that can host an open learning environment delivering education to students and professionals from across the globe.

Token Utility

MTRZ Token is the token of the MetaMentorz Marketplace

Access To Metamentorz Marketplace

Discounted Access To The Courses Offered

Early Access To New Courses

Access To Sell Courses Designed By Users Themselves.

Buy Or Lease Land In The Metamentorz Universe

Access To Exclusive Info On Metamentorz Universe

MetaMentorz Education Model

An Open University in the Metaverse with the means and technology to fulfill the gap by facilitating the perfect skill development and education environment.

The MetaMentorz will feature 3 types of Courses


In House Courses

To be delivered by the trainers already on boarded by the MetaMentorz Team for various specialised disciplines.


Institution Tied Courses

Courses designed and delivered in conjunction with top universities and colleges from around the world.


Independent Trainer Courses

Courses structured, hosted and conducted by Independent trainers and influencers that want to deliver their own specialised training in the metaverse.

MetaMentorz Business Model

MetaMentorz is an educational institution, a digital learning aggregator and an open platform for educational institutions and individual trainers to train individuals in the metaverse without having to build their own infrastructure.

Selling in-house courses
Virtual Campus for educational institutions
Commissions on courses from individual trainers
Character NFT Sale
Certification NFT Minting
Leasing land and infrastructure

Existing Traction




Expert Trainers


Hours of Trainings

$ 1.25






The Vision

As an open learning environment MetaMentorz will be able to act as an educational institution and an aggregator platform that hosts training and certifications from various institutions and vocational trainers.

Education has gone digital in the last decade, and over the next few years it is going to transition into metaverse due to the engaging and immersive learning experience that metaverse can deliver.

The Mission

Creating the first and the biggest learning platform of the metaverse for empowering the workforce of the future with the right skills and understanding of metaverse to extract the superior potential of blockchain, NFTs and metaverse technology.

For Institutions and Trainers

MetaMentorz Metaverse has the option for Educational Institutions to buy or lease their own Classrooms, Auditorium or own campuses to conduct classes in the metaverse. Individual trainers or influencers can also buy or lease Metamentorz campus facilities without having to worry about building their own metaverse education infrastructure.

For Learners

Learners will have access to courses from trainers and institutions across the world where vocational training and specialised skill development programs will be conducted. Learners buying character NFTs on Metamentorz will have lifetime discounted access to courses and their certifications will be verifiable NFTs ensuring authenticity.

Our Team

Aayush Rinwa

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-founder of coding research which owns various training platforms like pioneer educator, FDA educator, train cpe, tax update watch and health e-study with clients from USA and Europe like Abbot, Adobe and many more.

Krishna Sharma

Co-Founder & CMO

Co-Founder of Coding Research funded the startup from the scratch and built it into a business of over 5 Million in revenue. Serial entrepreneur, Co Founded C.R. Mail and CommV.

Neeraj Sharma

Co-Founder & COO

Co-Founder of Coding Research. Veteran in EdTech Industry having an experience of over 10 years handling Speaker Relation with a kitty of over 300 Speakers from Different industries.

Tokenomics & Vesting

# Round Supply % Tokens Price Raised Amount
1 Pre-Seed 8% 80,000,000 0.0075 600,000
2 Seed 4% 40,000,00 0.01 400,000
3 Private 8% 80,000,000 0.013 1,040,00
4 Strategic 5% 50,000,000 0.016 800,000
5 Public Sale 2% 20,000,000 0.018 360,000
6 Team 10% 100,000,000
7 Advisors 5% 50,000,000
8 Liquidity 10% 100,000,000
9 Development 20% 200,000,000
10 Marketing 20% 200,000,000
11 User Rewards 8% 80,000,000
Total Supply 100% 1,000,000,000 Total Raised 3,200,000